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Marc is a native of the Pacific North West and started his paddling career instructing white water class. It was during a seasonal lull in white water, that he ventured over to sea kayaks…a new passion was born. And if this wasn’t enough, Marc also leads trips for a river rafting club here in the area.

“I took one trip by myself out on the Puget Sound and realized that if you really want to go somewhere, this is the way to go. It was kind of like hiking, backpacking in a whole new wilderness. My river skills transferred over well which opened up the rugged, yet breath taking trips out to the open coast of the Pacific Ocean.”

Marc began leading both sea kayaking, as well as white water trips. He currently is certified with the ACA as an instructor in both endeavors.

Favorite Boat: When I'm paddling a different boat on every trip ranging from a small, sporty, white water play-boat that doesn't even have enough room for your feet to an expedition double sea kayak which can carry a small family, it's kind of hard to narrow it down. When I narrow it down I'll let you know.

Best Paddle: “Any combination of good people in a spectacular place sharing an adventure together is a recipe for a great paddle. I'm fortunate to have had many.”

Worst Paddle: “All I have to say about this is make sure when paddling Hamersley Inlet, on a large tide exchange, that you read your current chart carefully and that you put in at the correct locations. Otherwise it's like paddling up a river all day...both ways.”

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