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John started paddling rivers and lakes in canoes with the Scouts back home in Michigan. During college, he took American Canoe Association courses in solo and tandem canoeing while pursuing a degree in Outdoor Recreation. In addition to his degree, he is a certified Wilderness First Responder.

He also had the chance to lead youth groups on canoe trips in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Maine. As soon as he got in a kayak he knew he was beginning a love affair that would last forever. "Kayaking touches the explorer inside."

Favorite Kayaking Destination: "Anytime I'm on the water it's my favorite spot. Out of all of them, though, Cape Flattery has to be my favorite. With the rock gardens, caves and abundant marine life, it's a magical place… the only place I've gotten to see a whale, so far."

Dream Kayak Trip: I would love to paddle the Panama Canal. I'd take a few weeks and enjoy the east and west ends of the canal and soak up as much of the Panamanian culture as I can.

Favorite Kayak Destination: I love the sunsets at the Nisqually Delta, but my all-time favorite trip has to be the paddle I did last year from Neah Bay to La Push. Amazing caves, exquisite weather, perfect camp sites and great company (Ken and Marc).

Favorite Food: "I love pizza with anything on top (though I'd have a tough time saying 'No' to a cheeseburger and onion rings)."

Favorite Movie: "It's a toss up between UHF and Bottle Rockets."

Favorite Book: "The Tao of Pooh. Currently I'm reading The Last Rays of the Ancient Sun."

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