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  “My first time in a sea kayak was way back in 1986, when I was living in Southeast Alaska. It was a great experience for me, and I figured I would keep at it until it got boring. Almost 20 years later, that still hasn’t happened, and I know now that it never will.”

A sea kayak guide and instructor since 1991, Ken has authored numerous magazine articles and several books on the subject, but his passion remains the process of introducing people to the joys of kayaking. “I love the look that people get when they discover the sea kayaker’s perspective for the first time. The ordinary vistas are transformed into something special and the beauty and power of the natural world make the experience both intense and personal.”

A current board member of the Washington Water Trails Association, he currently makes his home in Tacoma where, in addition to being the proprietor of Azimuth Expeditions, he operates Little Bay Press, a small publishing company focusing on nature and environmental titles.

Favorite Boat: I own a Dagger Sitka that is still my “go-to” boat, since it can haul a mountain of gear without sacrificing speed or maneuverability. Now though, since the manufacturer has decided to discontinue all of its worthwhile touring models, I’m certainly looking for the next great kayak.

Best Paddle: In 2000 I spent 13 weeks circumnavigating the island of Newfoundland. Along the way I had some of my greatest paddling moments ever, in some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable, and was fortunate to meet some of the finest people in the world. 1700 miles of true sea kayaking wonder. Newfoundland is an amazing place, unlike any other, and to say that it occupies a special space in my heart and soul would be an understatement.

Other Recommended Destinations: So many of my favorite spots are real close to home: the roadless coast of the Olympic Peninsula; the northern tier San Juan Islands in winter; Deception Pass. Right now I'm working on a project where I'm paddling from one end of the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the other, and I'm finding all sorts of new favorite places. For something farther away, I'd have to say the Santa Barbara Channel Islands are great for cave paddling, and the weather is usually pretty good. Hawaii is awesome for riding waves: warm water, perfect beaches and long rides.

Favorite Food: Thai.

Next Great Trip: A loch-to-loch crossing of Scotland, visiting relatives along the way (my father's from Glasgow). Or maybe Labrador, up around Nain and north to Cape Chidley. Then, let's see, somewhere warmer. Maybe a Caribbean circumnavigation, from Miami south through the islands, then along the coast of Columbia, Central America and Mexico before turning back toward the start point. That would be a good one, eh?

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