Discovery Grants

At Azimuth Expeditions, we believe that exploration and discovery are not just words that belong to an earlier time. While charts these days seldom feature the phrase "Here be dragons," there are still blank spots on the map, if you know where to look. There are still things that have not been attempted, and many others that have been attempted but never accomplished.

We support the spirit of exploration and discovery. Whether you have a desire to kayak in the Congo or set up a kayaking program for at-risk youth, we would like to be a part of making it a reality. Every year, Azimuth Expeditions will distribute a minimum of $500 to qualified grant applicants, either in one lump amount, or split into smaller amounts. Qualified applicants will:

  • be participating in a program that is intended to provide opportunities for exploration and new discovery.

  • using sea kayaks as an integral part of the proposed program or expedition.

  • apply for the grant using application format provided.

 Special consideration will be given to proposals that include an environmental element.

The grant money is disbursed in March of the year it is to be used. Therefore, eligible programs or expeditions are those that are scheduled to take place in the same year as each grant is presented. Applications must be received by January 31st of each year; early applications are encouraged. 

If you are interested in applying, please do so by requesting an application in an email to

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