Following are some of the more common put-ins for the various classes and tours on our schedule. If you have any questions or are unclear on the directions, be sure to give us a call at the office and we'll do our best to get you where you need to go.  
  Anacortes Ferry N48� 30.46'  W122� 40.63'   Anacortes-San Juan Isl-Sidney Ferry (ferry terminal)  
  Boston Harbor N47� 08.40'  W122� 54.34'   Boston Harbor Marina  
  Bowman Bay N48� 25.12'  W122� 39.15'   Bowman Bay, Anacortes  
  Cape Disappointment State Park N46� 17.03'  W124� 03.27'   Fort Canby State Park (state park)  
  Clover Park High School N47� 09.43'  W122� 31.20'   Clover Park High School  
  Cornet Bay N48� 24.03'  W122� 37.40'   Cornet State Park (park)  
  Gig Harbor Boat Ramp N47� 20.27'  W122� 34.94'   Gig Harbor Boat Ramp  
  Guemes Island Ferry N48� 31.09'  W122� 37.48'   Guemes Island Ferry-Anacortes (ferry terminal)  
  Horsehead Bay N47� 17.42'  W122� 41.08'   Horsehead Bay, Gig Harbor  
  Joemma State Park N47� 13.51'  W122� 48.58'   Joemma Beach State Park  
  Lakes High School N47� 09.80'  W122� 34.44'   Lakes High School  
  Long Lake N47� 01.33'  W122� 47.09'   Long Lake, Lacey  

Luhr Beach (Nisqually Delta) 

N47� 06.06'  W122� 43.64'   Luhr Beach, Lacy  
  North Thurston High School N47� 03.11'  W122� 50.01'   North Thurston High School  
  Owens Beach N47� 18.77'  W122� 31.71'   Point Defiance Park (park)  
  River Ridge High School N47� 03.55'  W122� 45.12'   River Ridge High School  
  Southworth Ferry N47� 30.73'  W122� 30.02'   Southworth-Fauntleroy Ferry (ferry terminal)  
  South Lake Union Park N47� 37.55'  W122� 20.23'   South Lake Union Park  
  Steilacoom Boat Launch N47� 10.34'  W122� 36.16'   Steilacoom-Anderson Island Ferry (ferry terminal)  
  Sundial Park (a.k.a. Jack Hyde)

N47� 16.53'  W122� 27.76'

  Sundial Park  
  Thea's Park

N47� 15.71'  W122� 26.42'

  Thea's Park  
  Timberline High School

N47� 00.48'  W122� 48.20'

  Timberline High School  
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