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  Award Levels
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Itís one thing to experience a sea kayak trip; quite another to build your paddling experience through a continuing educational process. At Azimuth Expeditions we have worked hard to establish a selection of programs that will be right for you, a curriculum that can be tailored to meet your kayaking goals. The learning progressions are clearly laid out so that raising your skills from one level to the next is simply a matter of continued practice and attaining the specified degree of competency. The five levels of the program cover the range of paddling skills. The divisions correspond to those in other training programs, notably those of the British Canoe Union and the American Canoe Association. Formal assessment of Azimuth Expeditions awards are available upon completion of each level. Since each separate level builds on the skills and concepts of those that precede it, it is important that the levels be completed in order.

LEVEL 1: A basic skills introduction that covers kayak features and  related equipment; emphasis on practicing correct stroke  performance and boat control on flat water. Forward, reverse and  turning strokes. A wet exit is not required.

LEVEL 2: Competence in basic skills and maneuvering strokes along with  a wet exit and assisted re-entry. Introduction to intermediate  skills and concepts including draws, boat tilt and bracing.

LEVEL 3: Competence in intermediate skills, a variety of solo and  assisted re-entries and boat towing. Introduction to the use of  these skills in current, waves and rough conditions. Introduction  to more advanced techniques including the sculling draw, underway  strokes and the roll. Emphasis placed on understanding various  aspects of trip planning, group dynamics and navigation.

LEVEL 4: Competence in intermediate skills, recovery and rescue in  rough water, currents and inclement conditions. Competence in  trip planning, group dynamics and navigation. A reliable roll  and a high level of comfort in current and surf.

LEVEL 5: Command of advanced skills including a highly reliable roll.  Extensive experience paddling in current, wind, surf and rough  conditions. High level of group leader

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