Johnstone Strait

Broken Islands
Johnstone Strait
Johnstone Strait
Level 2-4
5 days - $650

On the northeastern side of Vancouver Island, where the lush green mountains meet the blue waters of the Inside Passage, is one of the most awe-inspiring kayaking spots on the planet. The remains of ancient First Nations villages peek out from under their forest blankets, hundreds of rocky islets dot the clear, calm waterways, and killer whales congregate in the natural splendor of Robson Bight. We set up our camp beneath the rustling shadows of the towering fir and spruce, and fall asleep to the soulful sounds of orca breathing as they swim along our shoreline. Here, you will lose yourself in the peaceful rhythms of nature, only to emerge at the end of the trip refreshed renewed, and filled with a reborn sense of nature and your place in it. As always, our professional guides take care of the food and the camping details along; you just need to come prepared to be amazed.

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