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"On every journey there is something waiting for you. Something specific. When you find it, you will think it just happened to be there, but in fact it was there only for you. It is not a coincidence. If you had not found it, it would not have been there."
                                                                                                Mark Jenkins

There are many ways to travel from one place to another. Some methods are more efficient than others, some more comfortable, some more elegant. It is easy to forget, however, in our quest to get from one location to the next, that the real joy of travel lies in the journey as much as in the destination.

The sea kayak is one means of transportation that encompasses the finer points of efficiency, comfort and elegance. These sleek and responsive craft can take you to places that you would not get to by any other means, and once you have experienced the joy of a kayak journey, it will become the standard by which all your other travels are measured.

In the pages that follow, you'll be introduced to some of the places to which Azimuth Expeditions travels, from the protected waters of southern Puget Sound to the whale-rich environment of Johnstone Strait to the delicate beauty of the San Juan Islands. You'll also get an idea of the skills that are required to make the most of your sea kayaking experience and the courses you can choose from to obtain those skills.

Most of all, it is our hope that the information contained here is something you can use to expand your horizons, to get out there where the true joy of travel can touch your soul.   

Point of Arches, WA 


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