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Teachers take note: Earn college credit or clock hours as you retrace a portion of the route taken by Peter Puget through the protected waters of south Puget Sound. Traveling by sea kayak, you will ride the same currents that Puget used to make his way swiftly through the green and winding passages of this unique natural wonderland. You will examine the many changes that have taken place in the area since those early days, as well as take the time to explore some of the locations that have remained largely the same. You'll also have the chance to learn more about the ecology of the intertidal zone, the plants and animals that live there and the way that their fate and fortune are linked to our own. Emphasis will be placed on developing a first-person familiarity with places of historical and scientific significance, such as Dead Man's Island, the Nisqually Delta and the entrance to Hammersley Inlet, and techniques for bringing this understanding back to the K-12 classroom.

(This tour is presented as a Continuing Education tour for teachers in conjunction with the Heritage Institute. College credit at either the 400 or 500 level and clock hours administered by Antioch University. Continuing Education costs are set by the Heritage Institute and are not included in the tour cost listed above. Please contact the office for more information at (253)474-8155.)

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